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Yukesh Chaudhary

Yukesh Chaudhary is an emerging Nepalese entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Niriv, a rapidly growing search engine and internet portal company. Throughout his life, Chaudhary has been passionate about technology and its potential to transform the world.

Born on May 7, 1995, in Dainiya Morang, Nepal, Chaudhary demonstrated an early interest in technology and was constantly seeking out new ways to learn and explore the digital landscape. He began his education at the age of three, attending The Rising English Boarding School in Sundarharaincha Morang Nepal, where he excelled academically and demonstrated a remarkable ability to absorb information quickly.

After completing his school education, Chaudhary enrolled in college, where he majored in management. However, he soon realized that traditional educational institutions were not providing him with the knowledge and experience he needed to pursue his entrepreneurial vision.

Determined to succeed on his own terms, Chaudhary left college and began building his own digital content networks and web applications. He founded a modern-day media advertising company that helped other brands achieve online visibility and reach their customers through digital marketing and social media.

Today, Chaudhary is best known for his groundbreaking work as the CEO of Niriv, which is revolutionizing the way people search, access, and consume online content in Nepal and beyond. In addition to his work with Niriv, Chaudhary serves as the chairman of Morang-based publishing and advertising company Yukesh Media, where he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

Chaudhary’s passion for technology, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership, has helped him in making a way for the future.